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Business tax

Has the London Housing Bubble Finally Popped? Make way for Liverpool - the Leading Choice in Property Investment

Castigating tax reforms, including removal of mortgage interest relief, stamp-duty crack downs and growing constraints surrounding mortgage borrowing, are encouraging landlords to exit th

5 important things to know about tax and uniforms

Tax on uniforms can add heavy costs to a business or its staff.


5 ways to help your business avoid a tax investigation

A tax investigation can happen to any business.

Five business rates relief schemes your company could be claiming

When you start a new business, you’ve got a lot to think about.

Personal tax

Is becoming an angel investor in 2018 too risky?

If you’ve acquired some wealth throughout your life, you may be tempted by the idea of angel investing as a source of income.

Do I have to pay taxes on online casino winnings?

So, you’ve finally won that jackpot that you’ve always had your eye on, you’ve satisfied the wagering requirements and been paid out to boot.


Benefits of payday loans

Short-term loans no matter how bad people have painted them have their good sides as well, and payday loans are no except


Best tax efficient ways to invest money

Investing money can undoubtedly be a tricky business, and often entails having to do ample research to find the most lucrative method.


How entrepreneurs can take advantage of the tax gap