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Budget 2012

Personal A charitable decision

Chancellor George Osborne has made a U-turn on his decision to place a cap on charitable donations.

Business Caravans face steeper climb

First it was pasties then grannies and now a new static caravan tax.

Personal Bull hits Budget

Straight talking George Bull of accountancy group Baker TIlly has set out a number of points missed amidst the controversy over the 2012 Budget.

Personal Baby boomers 'selfish'

Robin Boyle of Athelney Trust has launched an attack on the 'selfish' baby boomers response to the granny tax.

Business Tilly on Budget

Accountancy group Baker Tilly has produced its response to the Budget.


Updates Budget 2012 - tax relief

The government has set a new cap on income tax relief.

Updates Budget 2012 - offshore loophole closed

The government has closed a loophole around the payment of stamp duty land tax.

Updates Budget 2012 - Stamp Duty land tax rate

The government has introduced a lighter version of the proposed 'mansion tax' that will introduce a higher rate of stamp duty on properties over £2 million.

Personal Budget 2012 - Ossie clobbers OAPs

The coalition risks incurring the wrath of the 'grey lobby' over what has been dubbed as the 'granny tax'.

Personal Budget 2012 - child benefit

The government has announced plans to cut child benefit to those earning over £50,000.