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Budget 2013

Business Morgan Stanley scheme beaten

FTSE 100 company Land Securities has lost a court battle with HMRC over trying to cheat the UK out of £60 million.

Business Budget 2013 - The hidden detail

Yesterday's Budget speech failed to highlight impending changes to the power of HMRC's data-gathering powers.

Business Budget 2013 - cut on beer duty

The government has announced the scrapping of a duty escalator blamed for contributing to the closure of thousands of pubs.

Personal Budget 2013 - Armed forces get pay rise

The government has backed down and agreed to find more money for the armed forces, the 2013 Budget revealed.


Personal Budget 2013 - KPMG warns over state pension

Accountancy firm KPMG has warned the new state pension will force a dramatic closure of private sector final salary schemes.

Personal Budget 2013 - 400,000 more to be taxed at 40%

George Osborne has fuelled outrage with one in six taxpayers now paying tax at the 40 per cent higher rate.

Personal Budget 2013 - Flat-rate pension

The government has announced the new flat-rate pension will be brought forward to as early as 2016.

Business Budget 2013- Changes to National Insurance

The government is to cut £2,000 off the bill of every company in the UK through a new Employment Allowance.

Personal Budget 2013 - Personal Allowance increased

The Personal Allowance has been increased to £10,000 as part of this year's budget reforms.

Business Budget 2013 - Corporation tax rate 2014-2015

From 2015 Britain will have one of the lowest corporation tax rates in the world.