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business rates

Business UK sales tax: to be or not to be?

A number of UK retailers are calling for a UK sales tax to be imposed on those not paying their 'fair share' of corporation tax but is it really feasible?

Business Chancellor's Autumn Statement 2011 – Impact on Business Rates

Richard Knox examines the impact of the Chancellor's Statement on business rates.

Updates Business Rates

The Chancellor has announced that the current scheme for business rate relief will be extended for a further six months after the current deadline of October 2012.

Business Rating Appeals explained

Rating Appeals can be complex and confusing for businesses. Tony Eden BSc, a senior rating consultant at CVS, explains the procedure:

Updates Government cuts Empty Property Relief threshold

The coalition government is expected to cut the threshold at which empty property business rate relief is granted from £18,000 to just £2,600 in April in a move to boost tax revenues by up to £400

Business Summary of main business tax changes for 2010-11

In this article we cover taxes relating to employees, VAT, PAYE, the Annual Investment Allowance, capital allowances, National Insurance and business rates.