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capital gains tax

Business The tax implications to consider if you’re planning an exit strategy

Even if you’re not planning on selling your business for some time, it’s wise to have your exit strategy planned well in advance.

Updates Budget 2011: Capital gains tax

The annual capital gains tax allowance has been increased with inflation from £10,100 to £10,600 from April 2011.

Business 2011 business tax planning tips

Lesley Stalker, head of tax at Robert James Partnership, outlines useful tax planning tips & advice to help business owners and entrepreneurs minimise their bills before 5 April 2011.

Updates Tax changes for 2011–12: Capital gains tax

The tax-free allowance for 2011–12 has not yet been announced.

Business Summary of main business tax changes for 2010-11

In this article we cover taxes relating to employees, VAT, PAYE, the Annual Investment Allowance, capital allowances, National Insurance and business rates.

Personal Capital Gains Tax on Homes

If you sell most types of investments (including property) for more than you paid for them, there may be capital gains tax to pay.

Personal Six tax tips for pensioners

Six ways to make the most of the pensions tax relief rules ahead of the year end.

Q&A Taper relief and indexation relief on CGT

Q: I was out of the country at the time of the Pre-Budget Report.

Business Budget 2008 - Capital gains to be taxed at 18 per cent rate

In his first Budget speech delivered to the House of Commons, Chancellor Alistair Darling said that the capital gains tax (CGT) rate will be a flat 18 per cent and tax for the first £1m of gains on

Updates AIM’s tax status under threat?

The possibility that a FTSE 100 company may move to AIM has caused concern in some quarters that this could threaten the current generous tax status of the market.