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HMRC Interventions

Business Extra 10 years for fraudster

Jasbinder Bedesha will be spending a further 10 years in jail after failing to pay a confiscation order after a hearing last week.

Business Three jailed for VAT fraud

Gang members who set up fake companies to commit tax fraud have been jailed for their part in a £300,000 VAT scam.

Business Arms to Ghana dealer sentenced

An international arms dealer who sold military aircraft to Ghana without a valid licence has been sentenced.

Personal HMRC sees £26m tax boost

HMRC has said that community and volunteer organisations set up to help people with tax brought in £26 million last year.

Business HMRC taskforce teams target cheats

HMRC launched special taskforces yesterday to tackle tax cheats in the alcohol and rag trade industries.

Business HMRC increases powers to seize businesses' assets

HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) has increased its use of powers allowing it to seize the assets of late-paying businesses, in efforts to increase its tax take.

Personal HMRC interventions begin targeting property letting

Accountant and business adviser PKF is urging those who receive an ‘intervention’ letter not to ignore it – even if they have not made profits on their letting.