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inheritance tax

Personal Planning ahead: Gifts free of inheritance tax

There is no space on the 2011 tax return for inheritance tax. This is because it is largely a tax on what you leave when you die (including gifts made in the seven years before).

Personal An Englishman’s home is his castle – and biggest tax liability

 Your home is quite likely to be your biggest single asset, especially considering how much house prices have risen in the last decade (in spite of the recent dip), says Lesley Stalker,

Personal Gift with reservation of benefit

If you give something away but reserve the right to use it, it counts as a gift with reservation – and is treated as remaining your property.

Updates Budget 2011: Lower rate of inheritance tax

It was announced in the Budget that anybody leaving 10 per cent or more of their estate to charity will pay a lower rate of inheritance tax on the remainder of their estate from April 2012 onwards.

Personal Paying inheritance tax on your home

Your home is almost certainly your most valuable possession – and may be the main reason why your estate ends up over the threshold for paying

Personal Planning for inheritance tax

If your estate is likely to be well below the threshold for paying inheritance tax, there is no need to worry about it.

Personal Inheritance Tax-Saving Ideas

When the first of a married couple or civil partners dies it may not be clear whether their survivor will need any of their unused tax-free allowance later on.

Personal How inheritance tax works

When you die, everything you own – your home, possessions, investments and savings – goes into your estate.

Updates Tax changes for 2011–12: Inheritance tax

The nil-rate band remains at the 2009–10 level of £325,000 and will remain at that level up to and including the 2014–15 tax year.