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small business

Business PAYE changes threaten SMEs

Small companies are struggling to face increases in payroll costs as the biggest shake up to the PAYE system in 70 years approaches.

Business HMRC launch SME support service

HMRC has offered small and medium size firms to sign up to receive emails giving help and support.

Business HMRC streamlining to hurt small businesses

HMRC has decided calls regarding corporation tax will be dealt with through one of two call centres in Cardiff and Glasgow.

Updates Government cuts Empty Property Relief threshold

The coalition government is expected to cut the threshold at which empty property business rate relief is granted from £18,000 to just £2,600 in April in a move to boost tax revenues by up to £400

Updates Small businesses hit by flat rate VAT

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has discovered that many SMEs are being hit by a rise in the level of flat rate VAT.