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Business Businesses warned on late VAT

HMRC has said it plans to warn as many as 50,000 businesses that have failed to submit VAT returns this month.

Business 'Biggest PAYE shake up in 60 years'

HMRC are to write to all employers next month to outline the biggest PAYE shake up for 60 years says KPMG.


Q&A What are the tax implications of shopping online?

Shopping online is becoming more and more prolific but there could be hidden tax implications depending on what the goods are and where they come from.

Q&A In what ways does my marital status affect my taxes?

Married couples and civil partners are treated as two independent entities for the purpose of paying tax (though not when it comes to claiming tax credits).

Personal Save tax on investments and savings: Part 1

In the current financial situation returns are low and markets uncertain.


Personal Tax benefits of getting married part 5

In our past stories we have had a look at how tying the knot can bring tax benefits. These have ranged from capital gains tax to income tax and pensions