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Tax Credits

Personal Tax Credits: the need to know

As the 31 July deadline approaches, here are the last minute need-to-know facts about tax credits.


Personal Do you qualify for tax credits?

There are several criteria - such as low income - for different kinds of tax credits. Read this to see what you could claim.

Business Tax Credit claimants reminded

Tax Credit customers are being reminded by HMRC that they must renew claims by 31 July, or their payments might stop.

Personal One week left for tax credits

HMRC  has warned that claimants have until the 31st July to renew their tax credit claims.


Personal Tax credit tips

HMRC has issued its 'top tips' for those looking to claim tax credits.



1. If you don't get your pack by 30 June, contact the Tax Credit Helpline.


Personal A look at tax credits

Remember to renew claims for tax credits by July 31st of this year.


Business Keeping financial records

We all need to keep financial records for various reasons. If you fill in a tax return, VAT return or claim benefits or tax credits, there are some special rules.

Personal Income from trusts and settlements

Income paid out by trusts and other forms of settlement in 2009–10 comes with a tax credit which reflects the amount of tax already deducted from it or deemed to have been paid on it.

Updates Budget 2011: Tax credits

There were no new announcements on tax credits, so the previously publicised rates and changes apply.

Updates Budget 2011: Business tax updates

The headline change for businesses in the 2011 Budget was the two per cent reduction in corporation tax, which was 1 per cent higher than the cut already announced.