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Tax fraud

Business HMRC to track payments

As it tackles tax evasion, HMRC will be granted access to track debit and credit card payments to UK businesses.

Business The General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR)

The all embracing legislation to resolve HMRC’s issues regarding tax avoidance?

Business Pill peddler jailed

A London pensioner who peddled smuggled cigarettes and illegal, Viagra-type medicine has been jailed for 15 months.

Personal Guardian exposes suspected tax evasion

High-profile figures holding offshore accounts have been exposed today in an article by The Guardian newspaper.

Business Film tax fraudsters jailed

A gang has been found guilty of making a film solely as a £2.8 million tax scam.

Business Gambling barrister jailed

A barrister who charged clients VAT but failed to pass the cash to HM Revenue and Customs has been jailed for tax fraud.

Business Former tax association president jailed

A former president of the Association of Taxation Technicians has been jailed for eight and half years.

Personal Second homes become tax target

A new campaign is targeting people who have sold properties that are not their main homes and failed to declare the profits.

Business Extra 10 years for fraudster

Jasbinder Bedesha will be spending a further 10 years in jail after failing to pay a confiscation order after a hearing last week.

Business Company directors jailed for £500k fraud

Two businessmen who lied about cash they hid in offshore bank accounts have been jailed for tax evasion.