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Business VAT changes in 2015

On 1 January 2015 suppliers of telecommunications will become subject to VAT in the EU country of their consumers.

Business UK sales tax: to be or not to be?

A number of UK retailers are calling for a UK sales tax to be imposed on those not paying their 'fair share' of corporation tax but is it really feasible?

Personal VAT: What do I need to know?

What are the facts about Value Added Tax (VAT)?

There are three rates of VAT, depending on the goods or services the business provides to the customer. The rates are:

Personal New checks for VAT car crime

The DVLA and HMRC will work together in an effort to enhance checks on VAT paid on vehicles brought to the UK.


Business Internal review favours HMRC

Accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young has claimed internal review processes at HMRC are increasingly favouring the Revenue.


Business Film tax fraudsters jailed

A gang has been found guilty of making a film solely as a £2.8 million tax scam.

Business Gambling barrister jailed

A barrister who charged clients VAT but failed to pass the cash to HM Revenue and Customs has been jailed for tax fraud.

Business Barrister found guilty of tax fraud

A barrister who failed to pay more than £600,000 in VAT was convicted for tax fraud this week.


Business Three jailed for VAT fraud

Gang members who set up fake companies to commit tax fraud have been jailed for their part in a £300,000 VAT scam.

Business VAT Changes 2013: Will You Be Affected?

Ravi Raval of small business specialist Taxclaim Accountants explains the ins and outs.