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Budget 2013: 'The detail won't matter'

George Bull, senior tax partner at finance firm Baker Tilly has claimed 'the detail won't matter' in tomorrow's Budget announcement.

His comments have referred to the fact that all businesses will be concerned with is a clear presentation of a new approach to getting the UK economy back on track. Bull has claimed 'all eyes' will be on the impact of the proposals on small and medium-sized businesses, the 'power house' of the UK economy.

However, Bull is realistic in his expectation that the most serious changes will in fact be disguised behind layers of detail, most likely too complex for individuals to immediately understand. He has said he hopes nothing is announced as 'ineptly' as last year’s VAT changes.

Bull has also pointed to the inevitability of certain 'feel-good' factors now that the Lib Dems are 'well on the way to the £10,000 income tax threshold before the next general election', and fuel duty rises planned for this autumn are also 'likely to be postponed.'

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