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Company car tax to change

Company car tax rates will be lifted in 2014–15 and again for the two years after.

For 2014–15 cars emitting more than 75g of CO2 per kilometre will see their appropriate percentage of list price lifted by one percentage point up to a maximum of 35 per cent.

For 2015–16 and 2016–17 there will be an increase of two percentage points up to a maximum of 37 per cent. From April 2015, the five-year exemption for zero carbon emission cars and the lower rate for ultra-low emission cars will come to an end. The appropriate percentage for zero emission and all low carbon cars emitting less than 95g of CO2 per kilometre will be 13 per cent in 2015–16, and will increase by two percentage points in 2016–17.

The diesel supplement will be removed in April 2016.

his was taken from the What Investment Guide to Personal Tax by Sara Williams and Oliver Haill which can be downloaded as an e-book from here.

A PDF version of the book can be purchased by contacting Samantha Coles on 020 7250 7039 or

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