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A Guide to sourcing the perfect haulage and courier insurance

As the owner of a courier service or transport of goods business, you’ll need to source the right insurance to make sure that you’ve got the right level of insurance cover to protect your back. Having the correct insurance cover is paramount to your businesses’ success as it covers you for all eventualities. The lines between the two types of insurance can sometimes be blurred, so it can be difficult to find out which one you need to get. Here’s a guide to sourcing the perfect haulage and courier insurance for your business to make it simpler:

Haulage insurance

Haulage insurance is typically used to cover single loads and long distance drop offs. The level of cover that you require as a business depends entirely on the type of loads you have and the kind of vehicles that you’re using to transport them. Generally, haulage insurance is aimed at vehicles of about 3.5 tonnes or more and not for those vehicles making multiple drop offs. Usually, larger businesses tend to need haulage insurance for their vehicles, for things like moving goods from supplier to the warehouse, rather than smaller businesses which require courier insurance on their vehicles.

If you’re making fixed deliveries to specific clients in one singular destination, haulage insurance is the best option for you and remember to check you have European cover too, if you’re a driver making trips across the continent.  

Courier insurance

Courier insurance on the other hand, works better for small businesses who have smaller vehicles such as transit vans and have several drop offs, such as TNT. For example, courier insurance is ideal for a small company delivering parcels in an area to many different destinations. As insurance companies tend to view this as being a higher risk role, courier insurance can be more expensive than haulage insurance depending where you go.

Shop around for the best courier insurance policy as they can differ a lot in price depending on the company that you choose to go with. Some commercial van policies can be quite basic, so make sure you add on any additional extras you may need.

Different insurance companies have differing criteria which separates courier insurance from haulage so sourcing the perfect haulage insurance for your business can be tricky. Agree with the insurance company on the description of your role before purchasing a policy, that way you’ll be fully covered in the event of any discrepancies. 

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