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London's lawyers owe £3 million

HMRC has announced it will investigate lawyers in London in a bid to recover £3 million in tax.

It has been reported that specialist task forces are being set up to inspect high risk trade sectors, including the legal profession, and examine their records and carry out investigations. While lawyers are suspected to be responsible for £3 million worth of avoided tax, the collected sectors could account for a missing £19.5 million.

Exchequer Secretary David Guake has said that HMRC has 'made it clear' they will 'not tolerate' tax evasion and that 'everyone' needs to pay 'the tax they owe'.

Director General of Enforcement and Compliance at HMRC, Mike Eland, confirmed that the task forces 'bring together specialists' to find people who are 'not paying what they should.' He has also reassured observers that those who pay all their tax 'have nothing to worry about.' However, he emphasised that the initiative was not 'an empty threat.'

HMRC has launched 30 task forces since May last year but has now specifically decided to target lawyers in London, hair and beauty salons in the North East and grocery and retail businesses nationwide.

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