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Ray Winstone to quit UK

Actor Ray Winstone has threatened to leave the UK over the way the government spends tax revenue.

The Sexy Beast actor argued that he didn't see 'what we're being given back' whilst being interviewed on talk radio station talkSPORT this week when he was supposed to be discussing his passion for West Ham football club.

He went further, complaining that the condition of Britain's roads and closures of hospitals and fire stations is proof of the inefficient spending of the government's tax revenues. Winstone even gave voice to his belief that the Olympic stadium should never have been built when vital infrastructure has been overlooked.

The sentiment has echoed that of other high-profile British entertainers such as Tottenham-born singer Adele who said she was ready to 'randomly open fire' after being asked to pay the 45 per cent top rate of income tax. She went on to lambast the condition of the country's state schools and inefficiency of the national rail network as proof of the government's mis-allocation of funds.

However, supporters of the tax system have fired back, arguing that certain factors, such as the growing number of potholes on Britain's roads are actually the result of austerity measures and are the responsibility of local authorities who have chosen to reallocate their budgets.

Many are doubting Winstone's insistence that he can himself 'leaving here quite soon' as other celebrities such as composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and controversial artist Tracy Emin have failed to follow through on similar threats.

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