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Tax dodging taxi firms taken to task

HMRC announced a new taskforce to tackle tax evasion by taxi firms covering the areas of Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. HM Customs expect to recover more than £2m from tax dodgers.
The drive forms part of a larger effort to recover £50m in lost revenue by cracking down on those that break the law. 12 new taskforces were launched in 2011/12 and thirty more are set to take off in 2012/13. The teams are expected to visit the firms’ offices and scrutinise the books thoroughly.
The very first taskforce targeted restaurant owners in 2011. Some of the other high-risk areas where the taskforces operate are construction, scrap metal dealers, property transactions and landlords.
HMRC came under fire last year, as it seemed to let Vodafone go scot-free in spite of glaring irregularities in accounts. This is particularly significant considering that HMRC seeks to target small businesses instead of large ones as part of its taskforce effort.

For more information visit the HMRC website here

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