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Personal HMRC advised to simplify its guidance and employ the latest technology to do so

Tax payers are advised to be careful what advice they source and action they take over their tax affairs themselves even if they use the HMRC as a source of guidanc

Business Small businesses get less value out of corporation tax reduction relief Patent Box than larger companies

New statistics released by HMRC have revealed a steady increase in the number of claims for Patent Box tax relief but generating much greater value for claimants si

Business More businesses getting tax breaks for R&D investment HMRC records show

More businesses are claiming for tax credits for spending made on research and development with SMEs proportionally taking greater advantage of the benefit.

Personal Self Assessment Register deadline fast approaching – HMRC warns against fines

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is reminding customers that time is running out to register for Self Assessment (SA).

Personal HMRC to fine undeclared offshore income or assets

Individuals paying UK tax and with offshore income or assets or who have transferred income abroad without paying UK tax on it, must notify HMRC by 30 September 201

Business End of tax payer compensation for delayed VAT refunds is a concern

The proposed scrapping of compensation for delays to the payment of VAT refunds by HMRC is unfair and likely to harm affected business’ cash flows, according to The