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Business tax articles tagged with term 'VAT'

Business Summary of main business tax changes for 2010-11

In this article we cover taxes relating to employees, VAT, PAYE, the Annual Investment Allowance, capital allowances, National Insurance and business rates.

Business A guide to helping small businesses manage their VAT

VAT is a tax charged on most business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions in the UK.

Business VAT waived on two Christmas charity singles – a sign of things to come?

Towards the end of November, Chancellor George Osborne showed a surprisingly charitable side to the Treasury by waiving all VAT on a charity single.


Business 2012 Budget - VAT

The government has introduced VAT for a number of new purchases including 'sports nutrition drinks'.

Business VAT goes digital

VAT returns are to go online


Business VAT and tax penalties

A look at appealing against VAT penalties


Business Asset seizing coming soon

HMRC is using its legals powers to seize the assets of businesses that are behind on their VAT bills.


Business Caravans face steeper climb

First it was pasties then grannies and now a new static caravan tax.

Business Land and buildings on hand at deregistration

A change has taken place regarding VAT and buildings.


Business Business confused by zero-rate VAT

VAT consultancy Accordance has discovered companies are applying zero-rate VAT rules in EU countries where it does not apply.