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Business tax articles tagged with term 'tax avoidance'

Business Current issues in corporation tax planning

Corporation tax can seem complicated, but it’s important for CEOs, board members and top level managers to understand the issues at stake so that they can plan effectively for the future.

Business Tax dodging council fat cats

The BBC has revealed that several employees in local councils are using tax avoidance structures to limit their tax payments.

Business London's lawyers owe £3 million

HMRC has announced it will investigate lawyers in London in a bid to recover £3 million in tax.

Business Direct Sellers offered chance by HMRC

HMRC has offered 'Direct Sellers' a chance to come forward about their tax affairs.

Business HMRC targeting freelancers

HMRC has cracked down on BBC and civil servant freelancers who are being paid 'off the books'.

Business Starbucks paid no UK Corporation Tax last year

Popular coffee chain Starbucks paid no UK corporation tax last year despite sales of £398 million.

Business 2010/11 tax gap figures published

HMRC has released figures detailing the tax gap for the financial year 2010/11 at £32 billion or 6.7 per cent of tax due.

Business eBay also pays little UK tax

The online auction site is the latest in a string of US companies to pay virtually no corporation tax in the UK.

Business Foreign companies face tax crackdown

David Cameron has demanded an investigation into large-scale tax avoidance enjoyed by international conglomerates.

Business International arms smuggler jailed

An international arms dealer has been found guilty for illegally supplying ammunition to Nigeria from China.