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Business tax

Tax issues when working as a freelancer

When you’re employed, tax is something that gets looked after for you. You may have to deal with the occasional form when you change jobs, but otherwise all you need to understand is roughly how


What accountants can do for your SME

When running an SME it can be tempting to try and do as much as possible yourself to cut 


A small business owner’s guide to international trade and taxes

Online retail is growing at an alarming rate.

A Guide to sourcing the perfect haulage and courier insurance

As the owner of a courier service or transport of goods business, you’ll need to source the right insurance to make sure that you’ve got the right level of insurance cover to protect your back.

The DAX's remarkable resilience

Nobody told the DAX, it seems, about the current doom and gloom surrounding the European economy.


Do you need to have an excellent credit to start your own business?

Did you know that when Richard Branson first started Virgin Records, his credit score was not in perfect shape?

How Solicitors Help Businesses

Businesses can require the assistance of a solicitor for a number of reasons.

Top Tips and Advice for Becoming Self-Employed

Taking the plunge and opting to become self-employed rather than being an employee of someone else can be a massive step but many self-employed individuals will say that once you’ve done it, you wo

HMRC to recruit graduates

HMRC has launched a campaign to recruit 120 new graduates to join the Revenue as future tax trainees.

Charities Online service to launch

Charities are being reminded that from October, they will have to reclaim Gift Aid via the Charities Online service.

Growth Company Investor: free trial