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Business tax

What to expect from the 2013 Budget

Accountancy firm RSM Tenon has come up with a number of issues which will feature in this year's budget on Wednesday.

Gambling barrister jailed

A barrister who charged clients VAT but failed to pass the cash to HM Revenue and Customs has been jailed for tax fraud.

Wine smugglers sentenced

Two men accused on smuggling illicit wine into the UK have been jailed for excise duty and VAT evasion.

Former tax association president jailed

A former president of the Association of Taxation Technicians has been jailed for eight and half years.

HMRC wins Prince's Trust award

The Prince's Trust has awarded HMRC Gold Patron status for its work with young people, it emerged today.

Extra 10 years for fraudster

Jasbinder Bedesha will be spending a further 10 years in jail after failing to pay a confiscation order after a hearing last week.

Company directors jailed for £500k fraud

Two businessmen who lied about cash they hid in offshore bank accounts have been jailed for tax evasion.

Barrister found guilty of tax fraud

A barrister who failed to pay more than £600,000 in VAT was convicted for tax fraud this week.


Charities get online Gift Aid service

From April, HMRC has said claiming gift aid repayments will be made easier for charities and sports clubs.

Three jailed for VAT fraud

Gang members who set up fake companies to commit tax fraud have been jailed for their part in a £300,000 VAT scam.

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