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Business tax

Gold smuggler jailed

A jeweller who evaded more than £7 million VAT by smuggling gold into the UK has been jailed for nine years today.

Tax row turns to Microsoft

It has emerged that technology giant Microsoft pays no UK tax on £1.7 billion of online revenues.

Starbucks caves in over tax

Following months of outcry over its tax affairs in the UK, Starbucks has admitted it 'needed to do more' to regain public trust.

Business confused by zero-rate VAT

VAT consultancy Accordance has discovered companies are applying zero-rate VAT rules in EU countries where it does not apply.


YouTube explains patent tax

HMRC has produced a video on YouTube explaining the Patent Box, a new tax incentive for innovative companies.


HMRC taskforce teams target cheats

HMRC launched special taskforces yesterday to tackle tax cheats in the alcohol and rag trade industries.

Tax avoidance scheme beaten in court

A tax avoidance scheme which claimed to license newspaper mastheads has been defeated in court by HMRC.

HMRC set to lose up to £7bn

HMRC may have to pay back up to £7 billion in taxes after a European court found it guilty of breaching EU rules.

HMRC awards tax winners

Winners of the HMRC External Engagement Awards 2012 have been announced.

Apple paid only 1.9% tax

Tech giant Apple only paid 1.9 per cent of tax outside of the US in the past year, it has been discovered.

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