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Personal tax

HMRC advised to simplify its guidance and employ the latest technology to do so

Tax payers are advised to be careful what advice they source and action they take over their tax affairs themselves even if they use the HMRC as a source of guidanc

Call to use life insurance in trust as more than 6.9 million parents give children inheritance early

Over 6.9 million parents have given their children 'their inheritance' early, to try to reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable on their estates.

IHT exemptions in line for the chop as Budget nears

Inheritance tax (IHT) gifting rules could be dramatically simplified in the Budget, according to financial advice firm, NFU Mutual.


High net worth exceed pension annual allowance but too few self-employed saving

Individuals need better advice and/or to pay closer attention to the pension contributions they make to avoid paying over the amount at which they can get tax relie

Self Assessment Register deadline fast approaching – HMRC warns against fines

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is reminding customers that time is running out to register for Self Assessment (SA).

Term assurance offering seeks to meet inheritance tax liabilities

Insurer AIG Life is aiming to tackle inheritance tax liabilities for individuals by enhancing its term assurance policy and launching a Joint Life Second Death opti

Proposed Budget pension tax changes threaten NHS doctors

The predicted Autumn Budget pension tax changes supposedly to be implemented to provide money to support the NHS, could end up depleting the service by driving doc

Deadline looms for childcare voucher applications – tax and NI relief may be lost

Tax and National Insurance relief for childcare vouchers and directly-contracted childcare will disappear for new applicants on 4 October 2018.

HMRC to fine undeclared offshore income or assets

Individuals paying UK tax and with offshore income or assets or who have transferred income abroad without paying UK tax on it, must notify HMRC by 30 September 201

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