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Personal tax articles tagged with term 'HMRC'

Personal Collecting tax shortfalls: HMRC initiatives

It's imperative to know what you should do if you have a tax shortfall to declare.


Personal Bull shoots goose

George Bull, a senior tax partner at Baker Tilly has lambasted the government for 'taking pot-shots at the tax-paying goose'.


Personal No phishing zone

A warning has gone out to those who may be tempted by emails purporting to be from the taxman.


Personal Britain's wealthiest bring in extra £500 million

The High Net Worth Unit (HNWU) - a special division of HMRC - has brought in £500 million in extra tax since it was set up three years ago.


Personal Tax fraud gambler caught

A financial adviser who helped a client reclaim £900,000 in VAT and then gambled some of the proceeds has been jailed.

Personal HMRC pushes tax return campaign

HMRC has continued pushing its 'inner peace' campaign as the deadline for completion of tax returns approaches.

Personal HMRC unit to double

A tax team dedicated to making sure the rich play by the rules is set to double from its current size, HMRC has said.

Personal HMRC sees £26m tax boost

HMRC has said that community and volunteer organisations set up to help people with tax brought in £26 million last year.

Personal Tax return deadline around the corner

Taxpayers only have a few days left to submit their 2011-12 tax return and avoid a penalty, HMRC has warned.

Personal Tax simplification proposals put foward

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has put forward proposals on how to make tax simpler - especially for British pensioners.