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Personal tax articles tagged with term 'Tax fraud'

Personal 'Most Wanted' tax cheats exposed

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will today publish online pictures of 'Most Wanted' tax fugitives in an effort to hunt down the UK's biggest tax cheats.


Personal Tax fraud gambler caught

A financial adviser who helped a client reclaim £900,000 in VAT and then gambled some of the proceeds has been jailed.

Personal Second Vantis accountant found guilty

A second tax adviser working for Vantis Tax group has been jailed for his part in a £70 million tax fraud.

Personal HMRC warns tax cheats

HMRC has launched a new advertising campaign warning people to declare their income before it is too late.

Personal Taxman to track your spending

Up to two million people will have their credit files checked under a crackdown on tax evasion it has been revealed.

Personal Garlic smuggler gets six years

A garlic smuggler has been jailed for six years after evading around £2 million in customs duty while importing Chinese garlic.

Personal Swiss investors face last chance

UK taxpayers who hold Swiss bank accounts will be given their last chance to pay any tax due or face an investigation.

Personal Second homes become tax target

A new campaign is targeting people who have sold properties that are not their main homes and failed to declare the profits.

Personal Guardian exposes suspected tax evasion

High-profile figures holding offshore accounts have been exposed today in an article by The Guardian newspaper.