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Personal tax articles tagged with term 'tax evasion'

Personal Summary of main changes to Personal Tax Rules 2010-11

In 2010–11, public finances continue to be dominated by the aftermath of the global financial crisis and recession, with a pressing need to cut government borrowing.

Personal HMRC interventions begin targeting property letting

Accountant and business adviser PKF is urging those who receive an ‘intervention’ letter not to ignore it – even if they have not made profits on their letting.

Personal HMRC deliver 'hat trick'

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced that it won three court decisions against tax avoidance schemes in July.


Personal HMRC warns tax cheats

HMRC has launched a new advertising campaign warning people to declare their income before it is too late.

Personal Rules change for Swiss tax havens

New tax arrangements from next year will see UK residents with Swiss bank accounts forced to declare their holdings.

Personal Taxman to track your spending

Up to two million people will have their credit files checked under a crackdown on tax evasion it has been revealed.

Personal Garlic smuggler gets six years

A garlic smuggler has been jailed for six years after evading around £2 million in customs duty while importing Chinese garlic.

Personal Swiss investors face last chance

UK taxpayers who hold Swiss bank accounts will be given their last chance to pay any tax due or face an investigation.

Personal HMRC unit to double

A tax team dedicated to making sure the rich play by the rules is set to double from its current size, HMRC has said.

Personal Guardian exposes suspected tax evasion

High-profile figures holding offshore accounts have been exposed today in an article by The Guardian newspaper.