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Personal tax

Non-taxable income: what counts?

It is important to know what income is non-taxable and can be ignored in your calculations for tax purposes.

What is a tax code?

Get taken through all the basic queries about working out tax codes to make sure your tax affairs are in order.

Selling your holiday home

Remembering the tax implications of selling your second or holiday home is proving important as HMRC cracks down.

Paying debts through PAYE

What are the common questions associated with paying back old tax debt to HMRC through the PAYE system?

Tax Returns 2012/13

We take you through the basics of filing your tax return in plenty of time for this year's October deadline.

Tax Credits: the need to know

As the 31 July deadline approaches, here are the last minute need-to-know facts about tax credits.


What is stamp duty?

All the basics on what stamp duty means and how it relates to UK tax affairs.

The Green Deal: All you need to know

All the facts you need to know about the UK government's proposed Green Deal and how Europe could upset it.

VAT: What do I need to know?

What are the facts about Value Added Tax (VAT)?

There are three rates of VAT, depending on the goods or services the business provides to the customer. The rates are:

What is a P45?

We break down what you need to know about a P45 form and what it entitles you to.

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