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Personal tax

About POAT - Pre-Owned Assets Tax

If you still use something you have given away or sold for less than its full value at any time since 18 March 1986 and the gift is not caught by the gift with reservation rules it may from 6 April

An Overview of Tax Credits

If you are working and have a low income or if you have children (in which case you do not need to be working and can have a fairly substantial income), you may be eligible for tax credits.

Six tax tips for pensioners

Six ways to make the most of the pensions tax relief rules ahead of the year end.

How to become more tax efficient

In this video Anna Sofat, IFA at Addidi Wealth Ltd, reveals how you can be more tax efficient.

Be aware that children have tax allowances too

There are a number of ways in which tax laws can affect children long before they start earning. Being aware of the rules can enable you to make substantial tax savings.

The perils of intestacy

Dying without a will - ‘intestate’ in legal terminology - means that your estate will pass according to the rules of intestacy.

A warning for beneficiaries of discretionary trusts

The beneficiaries of discretionary trusts may not benefit from the government’s £50,000 deposit safeguards, says Sussex law firm Adams & Remers.

Tax efficiency when considering savings and investments

While tax efficiency should not be the only thing to consider when choosing savings and investments, it is always worth considering any opportunities that reduce your tax bill.

HMRC interventions begin targeting property letting

Accountant and business adviser PKF is urging those who receive an ‘intervention’ letter not to ignore it – even if they have not made profits on their letting.

Grandparents should consider gift plans

By making gifts to their family via gift plans, grandparents can place any growth on the investment outside their estates immediately.

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