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Personal tax

New checks for VAT car crime

The DVLA and HMRC will work together in an effort to enhance checks on VAT paid on vehicles brought to the UK.


HMRC renews offshore threat

HMRC has reissued its threat to clamp down on those taxpayers who hold offshore accounts and keep them a secret.

Guardian exposes suspected tax evasion

High-profile figures holding offshore accounts have been exposed today in an article by The Guardian newspaper.

HMRC to tax fund 'cashback'

HMRC is set to tax bonuses paid on funds within the industry, as supermarket and credit card cashback schemes could be next.

Budget 2013 - Armed forces get pay rise

The government has backed down and agreed to find more money for the armed forces, the 2013 Budget revealed.


Budget 2013 - KPMG warns over state pension

Accountancy firm KPMG has warned the new state pension will force a dramatic closure of private sector final salary schemes.

Budget 2013 - 400,000 more to be taxed at 40%

George Osborne has fuelled outrage with one in six taxpayers now paying tax at the 40 per cent higher rate.

Budget 2013 - Flat-rate pension

The government has announced the new flat-rate pension will be brought forward to as early as 2016.

Budget 2013 - Personal Allowance increased

The Personal Allowance has been increased to £10,000 as part of this year's budget reforms.

Ray Winstone to quit UK

Actor Ray Winstone has threatened to leave the UK over the way the government spends tax revenue.

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