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Personal tax

HMRC to close Enquiry Centres

From June, HMRC will pilot a new programme which will offer more flexible support to 1.5 million customers who need it.

How to plan for inheritance tax

The What Investment Guide to Personal Tax 2012-2013 offers advice on the best ways to reduce your inheritance tax bill:

Child benefit reminder

HMRC has today issued a reminder to those higher income earners who wish to opt out of child benefit schemes.

Second homes become tax target

A new campaign is targeting people who have sold properties that are not their main homes and failed to declare the profits.

80,000 tax rebate hoaxes

Taxpayers reported 80,000 tax rebate phishing emails sent by fraudsters last year HRMC has revealed today.

850,000 fined for late tax returns

Almost a million taxpayers have been fined for filing their self assessment tax return late, HMRC has announced.

Record 9.6m tax returns on time

A record 9.6 million people have submitted their tax return online this year, HMRC has revealed today.

Top tips for managing your money with the right bank account

With the price of many things increasing, it can be harder than ever for people to manage their money and keep a healthy balance in their bank account each month.

Five ways to reduce your tax bill

With the 31 January tax return deadline fast approaching, The Telegraph has come up with five ways to reduce your tax bill.

Tax simplification proposals put foward

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has put forward proposals on how to make tax simpler - especially for British pensioners.

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