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Personal tax

Tax return deadline around the corner

Taxpayers only have a few days left to submit their 2011-12 tax return and avoid a penalty, HMRC has warned.

HMRC sees £26m tax boost

HMRC has said that community and volunteer organisations set up to help people with tax brought in £26 million last year.

HMRC unit to double

A tax team dedicated to making sure the rich play by the rules is set to double from its current size, HMRC has said.

Updated tax app launched

More than 250,000 people have downloaded HMRC's tax calculator app to work out how much tax they need to pay.

Balls to launch pension raid

Labour has announced its decision to increase the tax on pensions of the wealthy in a bid to tackle unemployment.

HMRC pushes tax return campaign

HMRC has continued pushing its 'inner peace' campaign as the deadline for completion of tax returns approaches.

Swiss investors face last chance

UK taxpayers who hold Swiss bank accounts will be given their last chance to pay any tax due or face an investigation.

Garlic smuggler gets six years

A garlic smuggler has been jailed for six years after evading around £2 million in customs duty while importing Chinese garlic.

Taxman to track your spending

Up to two million people will have their credit files checked under a crackdown on tax evasion it has been revealed.

UK millionaires driven away by tax

The Telegraph has reported that during the tax year 2009-10 increasing the highest level of tax forced rich Britons to move abroad.

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