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Personal tax

Rules change for Swiss tax havens

New tax arrangements from next year will see UK residents with Swiss bank accounts forced to declare their holdings.

HMRC warns tax cheats

HMRC has launched a new advertising campaign warning people to declare their income before it is too late.

Child benefit letters to be sent

It is thought up to one million letters will be issued during November to families affected by child benefit changes.

Second Vantis accountant found guilty

A second tax adviser working for Vantis Tax group has been jailed for his part in a £70 million tax fraud.

Tax fraud gambler caught

A financial adviser who helped a client reclaim £900,000 in VAT and then gambled some of the proceeds has been jailed.

Chip shop tax dodger caught

A chip shop owner could face up to three years in jail should he not pay £200,000 owed in tax in the next two weeks.

Shipwreck salvage tax break uncovered

A number of high profile individuals have been found to be investing in tresure hunts to earn tax breaks.

Hedge fund founder reveals £34m tax bill

David Harding, founder of Winton Capital Management, has revealed his £34 million tax bill.

Paper Tax Return reminder

HMRC has today issued a reminder for all those submitting paper tax returns for the FY11/12.

Fraudsters jailed for £3.8m scam

A Hackney resident will spend seven years in jail after being found guilty of trying to claim £3.8 million falsely.

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