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Personal tax

Osborne rules out emergency tax for rich

George Osborne has ruled out Nick Clegg's plans for an emergency tax on the rich, arguing that the move could drive away vital 'wealth creators' for the country's struggling economy.

Telegraph calls to 'axe the tax'

The Telegraph has announced its intentions to call on the Chancellor to abolish the tax taken from savings accounts in an attempt to help boost returns for million of savers.

HMRC deliver 'hat trick'

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced that it won three court decisions against tax avoidance schemes in July.


'Most Wanted' tax cheats exposed

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will today publish online pictures of 'Most Wanted' tax fugitives in an effort to hunt down the UK's biggest tax cheats.


500,000 expect penalty

This week nearly 500,000 people in the  UK can expect to receive a penalty worth at least £1,200

Keeping records

Keeping records is an essential part of tax planning.

Electrcians Tax Safe Plan

HMRC has warned electricians that they have one week left to pay any undisclosed tax.

One week left for tax credits

HMRC  has warned that claimants have until the 31st July to renew their tax credit claims.


Calculating your PAYE code

Calculating your PAYE code can be a complicated matter.

All the adjustments are subtracted from the allowances and reliefs to find the net amount of tax-free pay for the year.


Capital Gains Tax

From April 2012 the CPI measure of inflation, rather than RPI, will be used to decide future increases in the allowance.


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